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My approach to wedding photography is simple. I take a reportage view of the wedding day and document the entire day so that when you look back at the photos, it simply tells your story from start to finish; capturing every mesmerising moment the wedding naturally brings. Throughout the day, I will mingle with the crowd and be as discreet as possible, always capturing those moments of pure joy and happiness as they occur. Every wedding day is completely unique and each and every second of your day can create an image that will last forever and reflect you as a couple  This is one of the main reasons why I have no fixed times on a wedding day other than, I'll be there when you start getting ready until its too dangerous on the dance floor!

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The Studio

This is where I like to get creative, and this is where I feel is the right place to do it. Whether you're a couple who have booked me to shoot their wedding and would like an engagement shoot that's a little different to the norm, a family looking for a timeless portrait, or a model looking to build up your own portfolio- this is where the magic happens! The studio is a space for me and my clients to really connect and create stunning, timeless photos for you to treasure for years to come. The studio is where I do all of my post processing, editing, client meetings and to top it all off, the coffee machine is good too! Alternatively, I also love getting outdoors and capturing family portraits without them feeling staged (I understand the stress that posing a toddler can bring!) Whatever you require, I am here to accommodate your needs.

 Commercial work

Commercial photography is something that I am very passionate about. I strive to assist companies, big or small, in bringing their vision to life. Promoting a business is what's going to get it seen, and I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of businesses in bringing their product into the fore through imaginative, innovative imagery. If you have a business and you're interested in working with me, then please get in touch for a more in-depth chat about how I can help.

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